Monday, 26 November 2007

The Good Doctor and the Aliens

Dr. Michael Salla is nothing if not an honest man. His recent article Exopolitics: Discipline of Choice for Public Policy Issues Concerning Extraterrestrial Life pretty well tells it as it is. For part of the story you have to read between the lines a little, but most of it is there in your face. The facts are simple; fed up with the likes of UFOlogists Dick Hall, Jerry Clark, and anyone remotely like them, the Exopolitical Movement has taken the next step. That step is to assume there is an extraterrestrial presence as a given and to formulate political policy based on this fact. Unfortunately, because they can’t actually see this presence themselves, there isn’t really any policy, just a lot of hot air.

As the article says, Exopolitical policy is based upon the testimony of whistleblowers, eyewitnesses, scientists and experiencers. Dr. Salla has done an excellent job in the past of defending this evidence but the fact is, all of it is based on intelligence services disinformation and none of it has any real basis in reality. I’m quite sure that Dr. Salla would vigorously oppose that statement and the principle does matter to him because he is an academic, but it doesn’t really matter to the Exopolitical Movement per se because, as I’ve said, they’ve moved to the next step. To them it is obvious that ET is here and nitpicking over the detail is just a distraction.

I may have made that sound a little trite but I don’t particularly have anything against them as long as we recognise them for what they are. They are a religion. Not a formal one as such, but that is what they are. Religions, as we know, are based on faith and faith, to a died-in-the wool UFOlogist like Dick Hall, is anathema because UFOlogy must be based on hard fact and the scientific method in order to achieve respectability. The fact that Dick believes in the ETH when there isn’t a shred of evidence that has any enduring stamina or resolution within a science laboratory that will confirm that fact is an irony that passes him by. But I’ve been there before with this and now is not the time for another rant.

The Exopoliticians are undoubtedly the modern day equivalent of the Contactee Movement and as de rigueur these days is to look back to that period with affection, then there really is no reason why we shouldn’t view Exopolitics in the same way. It is after all a way of thinking and a way of being and they do no harm to anyone that I can tell. Some argue that they are a distraction and they get in the way of establishing a serious interest in UFOs, but I can’t really see that either. They are, to a degree, side lined and anyone drawn to them is never going to be interested in nuts and bolts UFOlogy in the first place. They commune with dolphins and have a strong spiritual element to them and are clearly a New Age conscript. They seem, actually, to be quite nice people.

If one was being really cruel, one could argue that from a neutral viewpoint, the difference between them and established UFOlogy is paper thin anyway. It is simply a matter of position but essentially, both sides believe. One assumes greater intellectual authority while the other has said, “Bugger that” and just gets on with it. It’s all pretty pointless as there is no control, and everyone is a victim.

Perhaps after all, a “Bugger that” attitude is the way forward for we’re never going to get any help from anyone here on Planet Earth. And perhaps, also, it is too early to judge them for they are still a fledgling movement. Their time may yet come.

But in terms of establishing the fact based reality of extraterrestrial life, I'm afraid they're pretty hopeless.


Bryan said...

Unfortunately Stuart, you are correct here. Exopolitics has become like a religion, amongst many that has muddied up the waters of serious UFO study.

Either you have the faith or you don't.

Dustin said...

I've always thought the idea of exopolitics was a good idea, but I think you've hit the nail on the head with your post.

When you put it right there in front of you, it just doesn't add up to what it should, or at least could, be.