Thursday, 1 November 2007

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

We always were in the land of make believe with the Serpo story but after the latest Victor Martinez postings relating to the Reagan debrief, we’ve moved into the nether underworld of the fairies.

Has Rick Doty lost his touch or is debasing the premise of the story even further part of some dastardly complicated disinfo ploy, the motive for which defies even his perverse mind? Is he, at last, past it? Is he living in some time warp where he thinks the rest of us still have our minds in the 90s?

What has been revealing is that the Believers Paradise into which this was launched has reacted much the same way as I have. No one is having it and there doesn’t even seem to be a desire to want to anymore. And can Doty ever be forgiven for making Reagan seem like such an irritating twerp?

As his brief appears to be to determine the government’s ability to play with people’s minds and to see what does and doesn’t float, then this feeble attempt could well be part of that programme. How far can folk be pushed into believing the ridiculous? What is their limit? Never underestimate the stupidity of the general public says Scott Adams, and he might have a point. Prior to the NFL’s invasion of Wembley Stadium in London last week, a radio interview with some unnamed player broadcast in the UK prior to arrival revealed the guy didn’t know that in England we speak English.

There is no doubt that Doty carries an aura about him and even seasoned and knowledgeable UFOlogists appear to be aware they are in a presence when they meet him. I haven’t had that pleasure, yet, and find it difficult to weigh him up on occasions. I simply can’t decide if he’s brilliantly clever and we’re all very stupid or if he’s not very bright to start with but we’re even dumber still. How smart do you have to be to present yourself as a lightweight?

I’ve contradicted myself on this before but just at this moment in time, I am of the opinion that Rick Doty is not the cleverest man walking the face of this planet.

Perhaps he has been unlucky with his timing on this occasion as he has had to compete with other simultaneously published serious rubbish. Richard Hoagland hosted a news conference announcing that alien artefacts had been discovered on the moon, yet again.

And attention was further diverted by Democratic candidate Dennis Kucinich stealing the national limelight as he was put through the wringer on national TV, having been stabbed in the back by his dear friend Shirley MacLaine who revealed in a book that Dennis had seen a UFO. This debate had the unfortunate consequence for Rick of raising the discussion on the subject of UFOs from Rick’s sub prime moron level to that of “a subject worthy of acceptable discourse”. As a consequence, Rick’s material has been left dragging itself along in the sewer, where it belongs.

We are all malleable, much as some of us might prefer to think otherwise and personally, I enjoy being taken for an idiot. But when it gets to the point that the perpetrator looks like he’s lost the plot, then the game becomes boring.

And Serpo and Doty and Reagan and his ET debriefing is very, very boring.


Paul Kimball said...


You take Dick Doty far too seriously, my friend. Read as bad sci-fi, it's not so bad. The Reagan stuff actually brought a smile to my face (yes, I read it - it was a slow day at the office).

Onward and upward, DD!


Paul Kimball said...


Dustin said...

Excellent post. At first I read the Serpo stuff with interest, then disbelief, then disgust. Right now, I'm right along with it's gone on all I can do is shake my head and wonder where it's all going.