Wednesday, 14 November 2007

UFOs And The National Publicity State

The recent run of publicity relating to UFOs, a combination of events, has certainly been unusual and a real fillip to the moral. The Larry King Show and the respectful treatment the subject received (along with the drubbing of James McGaha), the National Press Club conference in Washington with what looks like a credible list of witnesses, the Dennis Kucinich incident and the debate that generated, and the publicity surrounding the impending release of Clinton correspondence with Laurence Rockefeller have all raised the profile. One man stands head and shoulders above the melee for carrying the responsibility for the bulk of this and that is film director James Fox. He has come over as an articulate and level headed individual who has brought his many talents to this subject and I for one am grateful.

One unfortunate side affect of all of this has been the resurgence of the original Disclosure Project, anxious to ride along and even to possibly hi-jack the success of the Washington news conference. On this occasion they are assisted by the Exopolitical movement in the shape of Alfred Webre. While I suppose inevitable, I feel it best if they could be ignored, for they will do nothing other than to detract from the credibility that has been painfully and gradually reinstated. While never being an Exopolitical fan, I was always tolerant and recognised that they had a place. Now I wish they would just shut up.

At the risk of being considered negative, I do not however feel that James Fox’s efforts will achieve anything other than a very welcome hike in public awareness. Firstly, I don’t actually think there are any UFO secrets to reveal, although it would always be interesting to hear current government/Pentagon opinion on the phenomena. But most importantly, UFOs have been a highly advantageous asset to the intelligence services over the years and it’s fairly obvious that they aren’t finished with them yet. To give this tool up by revealing The Truth i.e. “We haven’t got a clue”, and in so doing, demystify the subject, would not be in their best interests.

Which is a pity. I guess it’s conceivable that if public opinion was to move in a particular direction over the next couple of years and the “right” candidate wins the presidential race, there is an outside chance of something developing, but I wouldn’t hold your breadth.

On the other hand, high viz publicity tends to attract and while it may not attract the American government, it might draw in some institution or wealthy individual who wishes to investigate further. I can’t see anyone complaining about that.

For the moment though, I am enjoying the revival, as I hope you are. If it proves one thing, it is that UFOs just won’t go away.

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