Thursday, 20 December 2007

Alien Worlds Magazine

The Internet based magazine UFO Review, which has been in hiatus for the last few months, has metamorphosised into a glossy newsstand print magazine called Alien Worlds.

The first issue will appear on UK retail sale on February 8th 2008 and will be available via a wide array of outlets. Among a number of other European countries also taking the magazine are Ireland, Greece, Poland, Sweden, Israel, Norway and Austria. The selling in process is ongoing at this moment and it is probable that others will be added to the roster before publication. Negotiations are also underway for North American distribution but no details are on hand as yet. As the picture becomes clearer, further information will be posted on our website.

Initially, the magazine will be published bimonthly. It will also be available worldwide via subscription.

Alien Worlds will take a much broader approach to the subject of extraterrestrial life and will encompass astrobiology and SETI as well as the phenomenon of UFOs/UAPs and the origins and development of life here on planet Earth.

In preparation for the launch, a new web site has been created to support the magazine which is located at It is still being developed but there you will find the identical news service that was previously located at UFO Review as well as a blog, a forum, background information on the magazine, and general articles of interest.

Starting us off, we have a guest article kindly written especially for us by Stan Friedman entitled Flying Saucers and Science - An Overview. In it, Stan explains and describes the background and circumstances that has led to him writing his new book, "my magnum opus", which will be published in June of 2008. The article can be found on the front page of the web site at

Barring unforeseen events, it is evident that any imminent progress in the search for extraterrestrial life is going to come first from spaceflight and astronomy. Alien Worlds will be taking a keen interest in those areas.

But UFOlogy cannot be ignored. Unlike the other specialities, it is much more people orientated and while there is a diversity of ideas and opinions in the other disciplines, they generally converge towards a central point. Not so with UFOlogy which is rich in disparity and utterly lacking in convergence. This provides an array of fascinating avenues to explore.

My goal has been to get the level and feel of the magazine to a point where I would buy it if I saw it sitting on a rack, and I don't buy magazines. I am very proud of the result. It represents a more progressive and current approach to the question of extraterrestrial life and brings together under one title a combination of subjects with, broadly speaking, a common goal. There is nothing else like it out there.

For those who share this wider perspective, you will find those principles reflected in
Alien Worlds.

You are very welcome to join us.

Stuart Miller

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