Monday, 10 December 2007

Is The Messiah Coming?

At the risk of seeming like I’m riding on the back of the Exopolitical movement, I was disturbed by the latest email release from Dr. Salla about Comet Holmes. You can read it here at

In my last posting about them (, I noted that there was a substantial spiritual element within the movement. But the way that the sudden appearance of Holmes has been received is reminiscent of a previous, distressing event.

I am referring to the Heavens Gate cult and their response to, and expectations of, the Hale-Bopp comet. As you may know, when this comet appeared in 1997, the cult’s leaders, Applewhite and Nettles, convinced their following that there was a space ship riding along in its tail. They also thought that planet Earth was about to be wiped clean and that the way to survive this was to leave their human bodies and transcend through and up to the ship and so be carried off to rapture. To do this, 39 people took their lives.

I’m not suggesting for one moment that the Exopolitical movement is going to instigate a mass suicide event because of Comet Holmes. But I find it unsettling that the comet’s appearance has invoked such a response from them. It is reminisent of some medieval or even neanderthal reaction, the sort you’d expect from superstitious and uneducated peoples. It seems desperate. It has been an excuse for a massive meditation experience with suggestions that its appearance was fortold in a crop circle back in 2005. The comet is not visible to the naked eye at the moment but irnony of ironies, Salla has the following to say:

According to the physicist James McCanney, Comet Holmes is likely to experience another plasma discharge when it comes into alignment with the electromagnetic tails of the Earth and Mars on December 22.

So at Christmas, there will be a large bright light in the sky. Christ almighty.

The Exopolitical movement is in danger of attracting anthropologists and academics who study UFO religions, if, that is, it hasn’t happened already. But if I was Dr. Salla and some clown from some university rang me up and asked if he could come along to observe what I and my followers were up to, then that would be the moment I knew that what I believed in had turned into a joke.


Siani said...

OMG! I find it shocking and disturbing that apparently educated individuals, existing in the 21st century, are spouting the kind of superstitious, uninformed drivel one would expect from a medieval turnip farmer. Baldrick lives! Quite frankly, I would sooner project my consciousness to the nearest Comet distribution centre, in the hope that they accidentally delivered me a free 42 inch HD plasma TV in time for Christmas. And the comet was predicted by a crop circle? Extra-terrestrial artefact? Ooh! People like Salla make me so mad. The rantings of such twerps get those of us who want to make a serious study of the UFO phenomenon, lumped in with the nutters of ufology. Excuse the rant! Great blog, BTW.

Stuart said...

Hi Siani,

Ah, a plasma TV. Indeed.

If they don't make too much noise (the Exopolitical lot), then live and let live I say.

But, they do make a noise and they do it at a political level, certainly in places like Canada, where they make the papers. So I have to agree with you in that we do get dragged in and tarred with the same brush if only by association.

There is no solution that I can think of other than to shout as loudly as they do. But UFOlogy doesn't do that because its divided and everyone argues with everyone else.

So perhaps we have what we deserve?

I appreciate your comments.