Sunday, 20 January 2008

The Garden Path Beckons

There are discomforting similarities between the events in Stephenville Texas last week and the Phoenix Lights incident. The one major difference is that Phoenix happened over a large metropolis and Stephenville is out in the sticks.

So why am I disturbed by these similarities? It is because of the way, 11 years later, that I now perceive the Phoenix Lights events. I don’t believe that what floated around over the capital of Arizona on that evening of March 13th in 1997 was an extraterrestrial craft. I think the event was deliberately staged to reinvigorate the UFO story for intelligence purposes. I think it was a brilliantly acted out performance that involved a deliberate confusion of sightings and a conflict involving flares. The actual object seen was some sort of dirigible, possibly some sort of lifter, or maybe even something especially rigged up for the occasion.

Dirigibles, flares, and a very large object as big as the proverbial football field, as in Phoenix, have all been mentioned in relation to Stephenville.

I think we have to ask ourselves what exactly it is that we expect from sightings like Phoenix and Stephenville. It’s a rhetorical question because the answer is clear. What we hope is that these are genuinely anomalous objects that carry within them intelligent life from another planet. Although some people might earnestly argue differently, they might mitigate or qualify, if truth be told, we want aliens.

Just how likely is that? Just how likely is it that life from another planet would choose to get so close to our planetary surface and then just parade itself around in this fashion and fly off again?

Now it is true, and I’ve said this before, that I don’t know what might go on inside an alien’s mind, so of course I cannot categorically insist that Phoenix and Stephenville did not involve extraterrestrials. Furthermore, I could be totally wrong on another front; the heat generated from Stephenville has attracted genuine astronomical interest and there are suspicions that some of the sightings have a natural origin to them. This is still up in the air, as are a lot of facts, but for the purposes of this thread, let us assume that this particular direction proves fruitless.

So what are we left with? Another town becomes a tourist hot spot and its local industry becomes invigorated. The subject of UFOs is thrown once more into the public limelight, having barely recovered from its previous brush with the Presidential race. There is some ridicule but in the main, it gets serious coverage. Well, if anyone within the Disclosure movement had half an ounce of brain matter, then they should be getting hysterical just at this moment and screaming that all these UFO events coming along so closely, one after the other, is surely an indication that we’re being “prepared” and that full disclosure has to be imminent. Be funny if they were right.

In my estimation, we’re just being dragged over the coals again, played and poked with by the theatrical department of AFOSI in their “genuine” pursuit of the psychological examination of the propagation of myth and rumour, and their ability to manipulate it and us via modern media outlets i.e. the Internet and the Press.

One question that comes to my mind about this is; does it matter to them that as time has progressed, the subject of UFOs gradually gets taken more seriously as the historical ridicule progressively evaporates? Is it relevant and does it even matter?

I am very curious about what might happen next. If there is another major’ish UFO related event within the next few months, depending on what it is, then I think it could be argued with a degree more respectability that we might be moving towards something. Could it be Disclosure? I’d like to give a highly qualified “possibly” but the difficulty I have is that the movement is so bedecked with utter nutters that I am too ashamed to even countenance the likelihood, for fear of being associated with them by implication.

The best answer I can give for now is this: if something else happens relatively soon, then the chances are that someone somewhere is up to something. What that might be, for the moment, is beyond me.


Dr. B. said...

Your interpretation is intriguing, but obvious that you do not know all the facts. There was a parade that went through the ENTIRE state of AZ for many hours. And a lot more than what has been reported in the news. A great reference is "The Phoenix Lights...A Skeptic's Discovery That We Are Not Alone" written my a key witness and medical doctor who devoted years after the sighting documenting and researching these anomalous phenomena. Don't be so quick to jump on a military explanation. Educate yourself to the REAL facts first, then make an intelligent appraisal.

Stuart said...

Hi dr. b,

Thank you for your comments.

I presume you are referring to Dr.
Lynne Kitei and her book. I have not only read it but also interviewed Lynne for the ezine UFO Review. I found her to be absolutely genuine and a lovely lady, and her book is facsinating.

Time however has passed and that enables one to reflect and process. I now think that the events on those nights, and those before and after, are as I indicated in my blog.

I'm not insisting I am right because that would be foolish, any more so then you can insist that your beliefs about the sightings are also correct.

Many people don't want to acknowledge that they might have been mucked about by some intelligence agency and many wouldn't care anyway because it wouldn't matter to them. Not that I see it as my mission, but people like that I cannot help. If someone has a strong belief that ET is here, then so be it. I'd like a little more than a strong belief.

Little Green Man said...

I was reading this blog and one important thing came to mind. First off, I am both a skeptic and a believer. Yes, you can be both! In short, I want to believe, but my skeptical mind demands proof. Very little proof has come forward on any UFO case I have read, seen or studied, but there are tantalizing bits and pieces out there that keep me coming back for more. I think the part about aliens running away and not showing themselves actually makes sense, and you seem to think that it doesn't make any sense for them not to show themselves. Why would they land their ships and talk to us and "meet the press"? I think there are many reasons an "alien" would hide or their ship would fly away and disappear. One reason might be they do not wish to interfere with the natural growth of us, humans. If they jump out in the open, then that is exactly what they would be doing. (Remember, in Star Trek, the Prime Directive?) If they are studying us, then there are bound to be slip ups, and maybe those very hard to explain situations might have some elements of truth and be the holy grail of UFO reports. Who can really say what is an alien spacecraft and what is just something unidentified flying up in the air.

We have to keep our minds open, and I see you try to take that stance, but be careful, making objective statements that may not be so objective hint and show you to be maybe more than just a slight skeptic. We don't know what agenda the alien species might be taking when visiting our planet. (If indeed that is what is happening, which is still in doubt in my opinion) We really don't know anything other than the explanations provided by government and even scietists sometimes just don't work. Also, people very much want to see something, and exagerate their reports.

Either way, we really need to be careful, they may be watching this blog even! >:-|

Stuart said...

Hello Little Green Man,

My open minded stance is quite genuine because like everybody else, I want to believe. I am however sceptical of events such as these as I think they are staged events.

I will however admit that I don't have proof of that. I'm not going to be so arrogant as to insist I am right.

Surely, however, if they fly over our cities and other areas, that would be a breach of the prime directive even if they don't land and mix with us. We can see them just above us and know they are there. That is inteference.

Maybe, because we're not sure, it can be argued that my point is moot. Mystery remains.

I used to think it was stupid when people reported that they fired guns at craft they thought were UFOs. Now however, I think it is a good idea. I think we need to bring one down once and for all.

David Biedny said...

A few comments:

- The "Prime Directive" is a science fiction invention, there is NO reason to think that other civilizations would adhere to a mechanism of human fiction. The more likely reality is that this planet, and it's inhabitants, are treated as a resource, here to be studied, exploited and used.

- On my radio show, we also interviewed Lynne Kitei, who has made the Arizona Lights episode all about herself and her new age beliefs. It's important to note that she was a witness to the later, likely staged lights event, NOT the truly interesting, large craft sighting that happened a couple of hours beforehand. I've spoken to other witnesses of the earlier sighting, who tried to work with Kitei, only to find that she was more interested in promoting herself than the actual incident.

Skeptical thinking is essential to cutting through the noise, and reaching some useful signal in the realm of the study of UFOs. In fact, Stuart, while I certainly commend you on the idea of doing a magazine about this topic, I think the choice of title - Alien Worlds - is unfortunate, and I'll tell you why: there is NO definitive proof that these craft, and creatures, do indeed source primarily from other planets. I hope that Mac Tonnies has the opportunity to present your readers with some of his more intricate thoughts regarding the possible "cryptoterrestrial" theory.

Carry on...


Alfred Lehmberg said...

Mr. Biedny;

The prime directive is not a science fiction invention. It was a meme thieved all fair and square by Gene Roddenberry from a mid 50s lecture given by Wilbert Smith regarding the mores of the "boys topside," as it pertained to alien impact on human civilization.

See, the PD was _first_ a description from supposed aliens themselves regarding their reluctance to upset human psychology, _then_ it was a device for science fiction.

Interesting twist, eh?

Source: Wendy Connors -- collected Smith lectures.
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