Monday, 25 February 2008

My Enemy’s Enemy Is My Friend

That phrase the “Old Guard” has reared up again lately. Who does it refer to and what does it mean? It’s probably best personified by Dick Hall and Jerry Clark, and perhaps Gildas Bourdais as well, among a few others, but it varies in its subtleties between them. For example, Dick is a staunch upholder of the ETH, Gildas is absolutely sold on Roswell as an alien event and panics when anyone says otherwise, and while Jerry is less committed to the ETH, like Dick, he can’t abide “silly” ideas that explore other realms of possibilities.

It isn’t usually good form to name names, in part because nobody wants to draw down the wrath of the Gods but also because suggesting even by implication that great contributors of yore might now be past it just isn’t the done thing.

They have taken a bit of negative comment lately because of the arrival of Alien Worlds and the clearly defined philosophical approach that the magazine heralds. Essentially, the values reflected in it are that we’ve had 60 years of doing it one way and, having not really got anywhere, it might be worthwhile to take a fresh approach and be a bit more open minded. There is contained within that an unstated suggestion that the Old Guard might step back slightly and desist from bullying those who speak up with different ideas or perspectives. Some chance.

I am on the private mailing list of Robert Morningstar, the editor of the UFO Digest web site. I think it is fair to say that these days there is a gulf between my view of the UFO subject and that of Robert’s. I think he’s actually drifted off further towards the dark side a bit more, meaning there is a less rigorous evidential basis to his work and more of a disposition towards the Exopolitical sphere. I do not make these observations critically and I say good luck to him. I carry a number of UFO Digest reports on my news pages and am certainly not antipathetic to what he’s doing.

I was however very amused by the contents of Robert’s latest email to me, for it contained an exchange between himself and another individual about the recently reported story of a possible meeting at the UN concerning UFOs. This was the email Robert received:

I am intently monitoring and following any news or insights into this momentous development.

I do not subscribe to Errol Bruce-Knapp's UFO Updates and I don't miss one moment of not reading it, although I had read it every day since the mid-1990s before E B-K began charging for it.

With very few and rare exceptions, the "Old Guard" UFOlogists who post there have always been irrationally rabid and completely close-minded and hostile toward any Disclosure initiative, so if they as a whole are harshly critical, it is because they have been completely irrelevant and totally out-of-the-loop for so many years while those of us involved in Exopolitics have been the true pioneers in getting the word out to planet.

It would be a mistake for any elements in the USG monitoring their antics to view them in terms of a microcosm of a larger macrocosm of those of us who actually CAN handle the truth.

The "Old Guard" at UFO UpDates is intractable in terms of their inability to learn of and from the truth.

It is best to just ignore them for the bad tempered and blind fools so many of them are.

This is unbelievably ironic. While I do not share the sentiments of the writer, I certainly do share his sense of frustration. It just goes to show what a focussed stranglehold the Old Guard have on what people feel free to express themselves about.

It might well be that both Jerry and Dick would scratch their heads and wonder what people are moaning about, for it is not within their remit to block messages to email Lists. This of course is disingenuous because it is the criticism and ridicule in the responses that people fear most. Playing Devil’s Advocate further, Jerry and Dick might then say that if people don’t have the courage to stand behind what they allege to be true, then it speaks volumes about their ideas.

But if only life were that simple. Not everyone either wants to or indeed has the ability or time to get involved consuming and draining slanging matches. Furthermore, there is no question that both men have indulged in what is tantamount to bullying in the past, and although it is unlikely to make any difference, it is nevertheless amusing that they are now getting it from both sides of the UFOlogical fence.

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