Friday, 4 April 2008

Alien Worlds Issue 2

Here are some of the articles, features and interviews that appear in issue 2 of Alien Worlds. The magazine is available at a large number of retail outlets in the UK, a few across Europe, and in Barnes and Noble in the States. If you prefer, you can subscribe at the web site at where you can also purchase a single issue if you so wish.

Beyond UFOs

Dr. Jeffrey Bennett has a B.A. in Biophysics from the University of California and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Astrophysics from the University of Colorado. So why would he be interested in UFOs? Because he recognises that for most people, the subject of extraterrestrial life starts with flying saucers, and so he does too. We talk at length about the probability that someone has already discovered us, how far ahead of us they might be, the relationship between the science community and UFOs, what UFO witnesses might be seeing, how life started here and finding it elsewhere, the critical point that Mankind is currently at, why we should send humans into space, the important role that science plays in our lives, and even global warming. We almost put the world to rights, nearly.

Mirage Man

John Lundberg is an artist, crop circle maker and film producer. Fascinated by how myths and belief systems are created and passed into the human conscience, he has been adorning the British countryside with beautiful patterns for over a decade. More recently, he has made a film about Rick Doty, the intelligence maverick of the UFO world and one of my most favourite people. John tells us about his adventures in Laughlin and Albuquerque chasing after Rick, how he got access to him and why he came to think of him as the best thing since sliced bread. We also delve into the machinations of the CIA and why you should never walk on Hampstead Heath.


Besides pointing telescopes out to the great beyond, some people seek evidence of extraterrestrials by looking for things they may have left behind. In all likelihood, this planet may well have been discovered ages ago by another species who might have left a probe behind to keep an eye us. Where could such a probe be? Eminent British astronomer Dr. David Darling explains the mechanics of the search for extraterrestrial visitation and artefacts.

The Inconvenient Man

Paul Devereux first came up with his theory that some UFO sightings were earthlights as far back as the early 80s. Unfortunately, as it suggested a terrestrial origin, his ideas didn't go down too well with many in UFOlogy and some people were even quite rude about it. He explains a bit more about the phenomenon and also how our view of reality and our planet is cosseted in safety while the truth is probably quite disturbing. An engrossing interview.

Still on the Trail of the Saucer Spies

Nick Redfern updates us on how he let the UFO community down yet again with his book "Saucer Spies" and how the spooks spy on Ufologists but not because of UFO secrets. You can't rely on Nick any more these days; he's more interested in the facts and has become a bit of a spoil sport.

Will Someone Have A Word With God Because This Should Not Have Happened (apparently)

A large, extraterrestrial lump of rock crashed through Earth’s atmosphere on September 15th last year and hit the ground hard at Caranacas in the Peruvian Andes. Shortly after, the locals started making claims of headaches, vomiting and nausea after inhaling gases coming from the crater. B movie stuff and all that was missing for the meteorite to split open and an eight legged flesh eating alien to crawl out.

Through a fractured glass

A brilliant analysis, in words you can understand, of the writings and personality of Whitley Strieber, written by Aeolus Kephas. Of course that's not his real name and no, I don't know what it is either. Good article though. I've never read a Streiber book in my life and now I’m going to have to.

Neanderthals might have been partially wiped out due to cannibalism.

Our naughty anthropological neighbours may have come a cropper through eating each other. Roasted or slightly braised?

Oldest hominid discovered is 7 million years old
Another fossil, another theory.

UFO Hunters
American TV on a suicide mission as two series start on separate channels with the same name. Frank Warren untangles the mess for us and reviews both programmes.

Planetary terrestrial Mining

Professor Jim Jordan of Lamar University in Texas explains what might draw us into taking up our picks and shovels and going off to the moon in search of treasure. Unfortunately, there are perils that await.........

SETI – A British Perspective

Part 2 of our interview with Dr. Ian Morison, head of Jodrell Bank.

Above and Beyond

Paul Kimball reasons how and why the UFO crowd have managed to back themselves into a mental dead end when it comes to the question of unidentified flying objects and what we have to do to free ourselves from our self imposed shackles. He is absolutely right, but is it a futile request?

Joe McGonagle
Have you laughed at court cases when the defendant has claimed "the aliens made me do it?" I know I have. Regretfully, when you examine the detail, it stops being amusing. Joe casts his eye over some of the more high profile and tragic cases of recent years.

Rob Bignall
When you hear an astronomer or astrobiologist saying, "There are millions of other intelligent species out there" have you ever asked yourself, "How do you know?" Just exactly what is that vague figure based on? Rob runs us through the Drake equation and explains its plusses and minuses.

Brittany Babakioff - The Younger generation

Youth has a voice! Just what is the attraction for younger people in a serious interest in ET? How difficult is it to get started in a subject that is swathed in controversy and widely differing opinion? Who do you trust, who do you read? Brittany articulately explains the daunting task facing someone starting out.

Readers Articles
Two readers, Sonya and Mel, share their thoughts and adventures with us. I like this, getting you lot to do all the work. Keep 'em coming!

Your editor squeaks
More words of wisdom from Stuart.

Book reviews
All the latest releases

Arthur C. Clarke Speaks; for the last time.

Reader’s letters
You've had something to say! Most of you seem to like us. One man doesn't, or rather he does. Actually, I can't tell.

Spot the UFO competition
More hilarious fun and games, this time involving a cool customer over California and a chase.

Ask an astrobiologist
More knowledgeable readers' questions for our extraterrestrial expert who doesn't know much about anything really.

An astronomer’s guide to contacting aliens
Uncle Seth explains what you'll need if you want to speak to an alien.

Plus so much more I find it overwhelming even thinking about it.


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