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Alien Worlds Issue 3

Welcome to issue 3. Below is a description of the articles, features and interviews that appear in this edition. The magazine is available in the UK at WH Smiths, Menzies and Borders as well as a large number of independent retail outlets. It is stocked in Easons in Ireland and in some outlets in Europe. In the States it is mainly sold in Barnes and Noble. If you prefer, you can subscribe at the web site at where you can also purchase a single issue if you so wish.


A conversation with Greg Bishop

Greg is an outstanding and experienced observer, author and critique of the UFO field. What marks him out is his ability to think outside the box and to keep an open mind. Without any particular angle or position to hold or promote, he intelligently reads the situation in a thoroughly objective manner. He is, frankly, one of the best minds in the field and is a man I much admire.

Professor Paul Davies

It is quite a coup for Alien Worlds to have been granted an interview with Professor Paul Davies, one of the world’s leading cosmologists and thinkers. Innovative, imaginative, brilliant, and an outstanding mind, this charming man runs the rule over a few of the major debates and arguments to do with the likelihood of cosmological intelligence, possible messages in our DNA, the Great Filter, life on Mars, the Earth as a computer, the Goldilocks enigma, and, amongst a host of other things, his own early interest in UFOs and the abduction phenomenon. You will need your science hat on.

Why Do I Feel Like Someone Is Watching Me?

Diana Tumminia is an American lady who is a member of the Sociologist sub species of Academicus - a tribe of Humans who secretively study the lifestyles and whims of alien worshipers. That’s the likes of you and me pal. She is the editor of a book which is nothing to do with this magazine but is nevertheless called Alien Worlds. It is a large collection of essays written by a respected number of fellow members of the Academicus tribe as well as a couple of human escapees by the name of Jerome Clark and Jacques Vallee, who have all piled in to give us their observations about UFO’s, contactees, alien related religions and similar.

Rich Reynolds; UFOlogy’s Biggest Pain In The Ass

A man who attracts large dollops of odium, Rich Reynolds is the perpetual outsider who knocks on the door of UFOlogy only to spit in the face of the person who opens it for him. He perches on the fringe and throws slingshots and ridicule at those who take the subject seriously. Untroubled by the technicality of hypocrisy, 69 years old Rich blunders on in his quest to cleanse the subject of anyone over the age of 30 while remaining the person that many will not touch with a ten foot barge pole. So naturally we had to talk to him.

Life On Mars On Earth

One day Man will go to Mars. Before that happens he will need to practice a bit so the Mars Society have built these toys, sorry, Mars Desert Research Stations (MDRS) in various locations around the world for people to go and practice in. Heather Allaway, a young Canadian gal from the Science of Reproduction Faculty at Saskatchewan University went on one of these expeditions back in April. As she also has a keen interest in the problems of human reproduction in space, she was an ideal person for Alien Worlds to speak to.


Cosmic Questions and Conundrums - Examining The Evidence For Alien Abduction

Starting off with the alleged Betty and Barney Hill abduction, Nigel Watson engages in an excellent and very thorough review of the phenomenon, covering every conceivable aspect of the experience that so many thousands of people have claimed to have. This is a balanced, no punches pulled article.

Ufologists swamped with Ministry of Defence (UK) data

Joe McGonagle gives us a quick general overview of the recently released MoD files of UFO sightings.

Beyond Bedtime Closets (and continental shelves) - Meet ‘Angelic Aliens’ And ‘Monsters’ [that] Ink!

Instead of looking upwards for his aliens, Nick Parkins turns his gaze downwards beneath the oceans and examines some of the weird life and organisms that we never see. When you remember that two thirds of the surface of this planet is liquid, Nick takes us down, down, down, into a beautiful and slightly scary world of beauty and majesty that is only matched by the poetic style of his prose.

Hypothetical Model for Space Travel with Medieval Level Technology

Daniel Schilling is a one off. I’ll be honest and say that for the first five minutes after I originally came across his writings, I thought he was off his trolley. That thought lasted as long as it took to realise that behind the madness was a genius who made me smile. He started a blog on the Internet called How I discovered that Romans used to live on Mars in which he alleged that they managed to get there in wooden sailing ships, and it soon became obvious that we were heading off into the land of epic narrative. In this specially written piece, Daniel expands upon his thinking.

UFOs, Sonic Booms, F-16s and an Earthquake

On Wednesday 16th April this year, a series of loud explosions and earthquake like tremors accompanied by reports of strange lights and fireballs were seen and felt in Kokomo, Indiana, panicking the local residents and prompting a flood of 911 calls to the emergency services. Inevitably, a massive search was launched but nothing was found. Confused and concerned, local folk began to suspect the air force who thoughtfully issued a statement. And it was at that point that things started to go a little funny. Frank Warren reports.

Readers Articles
Yet again two outstanding articles by, gentlemen take note, two women! In the first, S.J. Porter runs the rule over Sex and (its) Consequences in Space. In a witty and remarkably insightful piece, S.J. casts her eye a few years into the future and finds that some things still remain the same.

In the meanwhile, my old friend Kithra runs riot with the Cumberland Spaceman and the Ilkley Moor alien, and just for good measure, there’s a large rubber Frenchman thrown in as well. Thank you both ladies and a message to you all: I sit here all day waiting for you lot to do my job and write this magazine for me. Please send me articles.

Warminster-The Forgotten Enigma.

It’s true that the Warminster phenomenon was conveniently forgotten about for many years, but thanks to Steve Dewey and Kevin Goodman, we seem to have made up for it in recent times. And quite rightly so. A strange mixture of a charismatic figure, a town gripped with fear, strange lights in the sky and something called “The Thing” rampant along the village lanes, this sleepy Wiltshire town was suddenly catapulted to national fame. In a revised and updated article, Kevin Goodman recounts the details of what happened from a personal perspective.


Above and Beyond

Award winning columnist Paul Kimball combines his love or travelling and his interest in UFOs and takes us on a tour of The Seven Wonders of the Ufological World, revealing in his choices symmetrical beauty, oddness, mystery and a brush of wackiness.

Rob Bignell

Our Rob picks up a great big flat and soggy wet fish and whacks Professor Andrew Watson of East Anglia University full in the face with it as he refutes the points that the Proff raised in his recent paper on The Great Filter, in which he alleges that the chances of finding other intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe are not very high.

Why do I bother?

Regular columnist Joe McGonagle explains what drew him in to the subject of UFOs and why, as a self respecting sceptic, he still stays, by highlighting some intriguing cases involving sightings by children.

The Round Files: The Really, Really Secret Mission of Apollo 18

We are very pleased to extend a warm welcome to Las Vegas new columnist Daniel Brenton who, like me, likes to push your buttons a little. Very dry, you’ll need to be on your toes and awake with this one.

Brittany Babakioff

The brightest and most exciting new star in the glittering world of cosmological clutter, Brittany is a breadth of fresh air that is untinged by the bitterness and cynicism that befall wizened old hacks like myself. Here she recounts in detail her recent visit to her first UFO conference at Landers in Southern California where she attended the Retro UFO 3 Convention held at the Integratron.


Your Editor Squeaks
Stuart waffles and trills. He does love the sound of his own voice.

What we hope will become a regular feature, if you belong to any kind of group that is either directly or loosely connected to our subject, please tell us about it.

Professor Stephen Hawking Speaks
…………and we listen

Books of Interest
All that’s new and upcoming in print, including a review by Nick Redfern of Jon Downes new book, Island of Paradise

Readers Letters
Some of you have got very grumpy about some things in issue 2. That weird bloke from last time is back. He sent me the £5 I suggested that he send for printing his last missive. It was crumpled.

Is this or is this not the best UFO related magazine out there on the newsstands?


Louis J Sheehan Esquire said...

I took out a subscription last year (2008) ... but haven't heard from you in a long time. Are you defunct? Lou Sheehan

Louis J Sheehan Esquire said...

I took out a subscription last year (2008) ... but haven't heard from you in a long time. Are you defunct? Lou Sheehan