Thursday, 26 June 2008

Cardiff UFO Blues

The events relating to the recent Cardiff police helicopter UFO “attack” aren’t funny. Yet again a major sighting by a seemingly impeccable source turns out to be nothing of the sort and once more we have been taken in by freaking lanterns. It saddens me therefore to say that I have been laughing my ass off ever since.

The reason for my mirth is that this time, people who should have known better got bitten and in doing so, have compromised the ideals by which they stand. In the UK there was much excitement and anticipation at this event for after all, it was the experienced crew of a police helicopter who made the report. Every one of them a trained observer who could spot a balaclava clad Chav from 1,500 feet while eating a prawn sandwich and scratching his crotch.

Yet the value of so called expert witnesses has been called into question in recent years, something with which I whole heartedly concur, but that didn’t stop instant FOIA requests from being thrown in and much telephoning of press offices and a general scurrying around. There was unquestionably a major emotional commitment to this event and the sense of anticlimax and profound disappointment when the denouement was revealed could be felt like a ton of bricks.

Personally, this has been a defining moment for me. I thought prior to this that I had been drifting towards a sceptical perspective. I now realise this isn’t true and that what I really am becoming is a cynic. I was no more intrigued by this sighting than I have been with any UFO report of recent times and my sense of a let down was minimal. What a menche.

Furthermore and as a consequence, The Sun newspaper has taken it upon itself to go on a UFO kick and has been running front page stories on the subject for the last few days, ably abetted and assisted by our good friend Nick Pope. The fact that the Sun is a tabloid and is fundamentally incapable of taking anything seriously, let alone the subject of UFOs, has resulted in much wailing and hand wringing amongst the cognoscenti and aforementioned experts who fell for the Cardiff trick. Why can’t UFOs be taken seriously they cry? Because they’re funny, that’s why. Why can’t the subject be written up responsibly and accurately? Why should it be and frankly, who cares anyway? They’re freaking UFOs for God’s sake. Get a grip.


RRRGroup said...

Here, here!


Stefanos said...

This is not the first time neither will it be the last, when a sighting by a credible source turns out to have a rather more mundane explanation. All things considered though, at least the encounter as not been protracted any further.
Freaking Lanterns, Weather Balloons and the like we're still going to be taking the next credible UFO sighting with serious interest even if we are cannon fodder for the press when it goes pear shaped.